The Mystery Ends

He holds his coffee as if it is a gift from God. This gift was never extended to me or any of the other foreign teachers. But watching him wait patiently for the coffee to drip slowly into his cup, like a child supervising their mother baking cupcakes, I felt like I too was able…

“We’re doing Amy’s Birthday at 3”

It’s not my birthday. My birthday is soon, but because of a work vacation, I got to do the whole work birthday thing today. Here are a few things I learned about celebrating your birthday in the Korean workplace:

Teacher Games

Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) has made really good at board games, specifically Catch Phrase or Pyramid, Charades, Mad Gab, and Pictionary. I added links to videos of some of these games being played for those heathens that have never had a board game night.

The Regular Anchovy

Day 250: I got to see him behave normally today. Let me explain. I needed to wash my hands, but he was in there filling up a cup with water, pouring it out, then filling it again. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen too. He didn’t care at all that other people might…

Beware of the Platypi

July 11, 2017 I learned many new things today. Did you know that platypi have venom? Also, the plural form of platypus is platypi. That’s just weird. This means that the parents of Phineas and Ferb are completely irresponsible for letting their kid have a venomious pet. Damn Disney parents.

Tales of Covfefe

There is a small cafe named Covfefe Cafe, and it was popular to people. In the morning, everyone goes to Covfefe Cafe and always fights with each other. It is not just a usual cafe; it was the fighting cafe so they can fight anyone.