A Check In

I have lost count of how many weeks I’ve been working out at this point. Let’s say a lot. It has been going well as you have read. I’m happy to report that I haven’t given up. The lack of posts was simply because I thought it would be cool to switch to a seven day work week with no planning. That was not a good idea.

I’m at the gym three to four times a week, and I’ve been keeping up with my physical therapy exercises. (Shout out to my PT team that I don’t go to anymore. You guys rock, also you will probably never read this. But it’s the thought.)

At first, having the trainers that looked to be carved from marble really helped to motivate me. But after an undetermined amount of weeks, I feel like I’m touching the bottom of their level again. I can squat with like 30 pounds and do like ten Turkish get ups in a row with weights, so excuse me while I take out my bikini early. I also have semi-casual conversations with said trainers, so excuse me while I delete all my dating apps (*insert GIF of Aaron Samuels saying it’s October 3rd*). Not to say that they aren’t motivating anymore, they still get the job done for sure.

I encourage everyone, when trying to get back into working out, to start with a skill-based workout. Like boxing. The reason is this. Even when you feel like you have plateaued you still have years of technique improvement and new stuff to learn to keep you busy. For example, I can get through an intense one-hour workout relatively easy but I still push harder every time because I want my hook to cross combos to be smoother. I want my foot work to be more second nature and less forcing my feet to do right. This keeps my brain busy during the workout and not thinking about how much ass sweat is happening. But that is my personal opinion when it comes to working out. Some people may like to improve their burpee technique for the love of doing burpees. That is something I will never understand. But that is your workout so please do what is best for you.

I recently finished Big Magic and it is pretty cheesy self-help book but also has a great lesson. It you are feeling something, just go with it. Lately, all I’ve been feeling is going to the gym. Boxing is a great way to let go of everything, because if I spend another minute stressing about my job or living situation, I might actually punch a person. Hopefully that person would be a trained professional but you never know. For some reason, I haven’t really been feeling writing. That’s fine I guess, even though, that is what my actual degree is in so that feels weird. I’m also just realizing that I didn’t need to read that entire book because “Do You” by NamJoon literally says the same thing. So that was a waste of time.

I’ll close with this. I am still alive. I am working out still. I will try to post more.

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