Six Pops: The Chiropractor and Other Non-Doctors

If you’ve been keeping track, yes my injured hip is back and so is my physical therapy team. There are some new comers as well, my team of chiropractors. This time around we discovered that my hip is just wrong. So through popping and muscle training we are hoping to correct that. Yes, I’m popping and locking my way to recovery. (Sorry, it was right there.)

If you remember, my physical therapist is quite the looker. For privacy reasons, I call him Captain America. He has a Captain America type essence. But that’s all very nice men with brown hair and blue eyes, so far Chris Evans and my physical therapist fit into this category. My chiropractor is very nice as well. He makes his adjustments then leaves, it’s quick and painless…until about one hour later when my hip finally realizes what happened. Last time I was there he claimed to be moving my hip less and then he made the adjustment, my hip popped about six times. It felt great, but terrifying at the same time. And when I told the story to my roommate, she just started shouting chiropractors kills people over and over.

Anyway, I know have a resistance band, and a series of exercises I have to do at my desk at work. Thankfully, I can do most of them sitting so I don’t have to get on the ground like the weirdo of the office. But I still have to do them everyday. So far my hip just really hurts, but I know its a process. A process I have no idea how I will afford, but that’s another, much larger issue.

Injuries like this are hard. I constantly feel like staying in bed because moving hurts, but I know not moving will hurt even more. It’s a constant struggle. I am open to suggestions on getting over the mental part of the injury. I do exercise for an energy boost, but then that usually hurts my hip so I end up in the same place.

How do you deal with the mental side of injuries??

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