Week 6: Clean Your Equipment

I’m hitting my seventh week of working out, again. Three to four boxing classes a week, and you’ll notice that your stuff is starting to smell. One hour in and my hand-wraps start to smell like the most concentrated part of a locker room. They are also soaking wet, but that just comes with the territory. There are ways to avoid this (The smell, I mean).

First, you could buy new wraps. They are fairly cheap. My gym sells them for $12, but that can add up, especially if you work for the government right now, just saying.

Second, hand-wraps are washable; you just have to do it right. Ladies, you know those garment bags we are supposed to use to wash our bras (I don’t know anyone that actually does that), but you’ll need one of those. If you really don’t want to buy one though, I have had luck washing my hand-wraps in a pillowcase. It just might take more time to unravel the hand-wraps from your other items. Okay, so your hand-wraps are in a garment bag or pillow case. Gentle cycle and make sure you velcro the wraps together or they will get stuck to everything else in the washer. Also, you need to hang dry them. They don’t take long to dry and a door is the perfect length to hang them over.

Third, now that your hand-wraps are clean, you might want to do something about the smell in your gloves. Yes, they have a spray for that. Amazon is a great place. Sometimes a gym sells something, but it will be cheaper on Amazon. I like Anti 3; it completely neutralizes the smell, and you can use it on your hand-wraps after class so they don’t get super toxic between washes. It’s about $20 for the bottle, and it lasts a long time, so overall much cheaper than buying new every time.

Fourth, this one only touches on equipment. One of the reasons I love boxing and kickboxing so much is you can do it barefoot. If you choose to do it barefoot, you will get crazy calluses. (Or is it callusi?) This is a good thing and definitely not something you should be removing. Trust me on this. Calluses are better than constant blisters. And if you decide to wear shoes, the Anti 3 spray will work on them as well.


I hope we all have learned something. If you don’t box or kickbox for your work out, I don’t know why you are reading this, but I hope helped.


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