Same Old Workout and Injury

You may come to find, after a few weeks of working out, that old injuries start to flare up again. There can be many reasons for this. Maybe you jumped back into working out too soon. Or you didn’t fully heal the injury before trying something new. Either way, I feel your pain, literally.

It’s been a little over a month now of steady working out again. My brain feels really good. I don’t get stressed as much. And my digestive system is finally adjusting to burning calories.

There is one draw back: Grandmaw hip is back. Grandmaw hip is the nickname I have given to my right hip because I have a sneaky suspicion that I have osteoarthritis in that hip. If you have read my past posts, my hip injury has been a battle for about two years now. Now that I’m working out, it’s winter, and I sit all day at work; the pain is coming back with a vengeance.

It’s important to remember with chronic pain, it doesn’t mean you have to stop. I do have to arrive to the gym early to warm up my hip before class, and I have to workout in the right shoes to make sure my hip is properly supported. You just have to learn what your limitations are.

It’s also important to remember to keep your doctor in the loop about your pain. I’ll be going for an MRI soon get an official diagnosis. Knowing what you have is important mostly because other people in the world are going to have it too. So you can ask for help in making modifications. Ask your doctor how much you can/should do. Then tell your training/instructor/gym buddy about your limitations, and you can make the workout your own. No instructor is going to shameless scream at you for doing regular squats instead of squat jumps. I know the moves I shouldn’t do when the pain is bad. While it feels like a shouldn’t walk or sit or lay down, I know that I have to do something or it will only get worse.

Chronic pain is the worst too, because you feel like no matter what, you will be in pain. But that isn’t true. You will have good workouts and bad workouts, but that is true of all humans. Stuff is good, then it sucks, then it gets good again. Things are always changing.

There is good news for you modifiers, it gives you an excuse to talk to more of your trainers at the gym. You better believe I talk to those perfectly sculpted humans at the gym about changing the workout, and I know this is my only opportunity to talk to a physical specimen like this one. Take advantage. But don’t be weird about it. They are your instructor, not a physical therapist, don’t ask them to massage something.

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