Week 2: Gym Tips

I go to the gym after work. This means I have to carry a bunch of stuff, all the time. Luckily for you, I’ve learned how to efficiently pack all of my stuff and still be hands-free. You’re welcome.

Here are some tips for being prepared for the gym without carrying five bags:

1. If you can, store food at work.

I eat very simple lunches. Peanut butter sandwich, glass of milk, and maybe some yogurt. It may be childish, but it’s a delicious lunch. I keep all the ingredients at my office though. That way I’m not carrying the extra load of lunch all day. If you need to bring lunch to work, I suggest getting a lunch bag that can clips to your gym bag. I say this because I love to be hands-free, and that is a way to eliminate some of the bags.

2. Find the right workout bag for you.

I love my gym bag. It’s a massive Puma backpack with multiple pockets, and it’s super light weight. In this bag I can fit my boxing gloves, hand wraps, workout clothes, a water bottle, a post-workout snack, and deodorant make-up and glasses case. Having a backpack is super helpful as well. Bringing a large duffel bag on public transit it very difficult; plus it hurts my back. But again, this is a personal preference.

3. Pack your bag the night before.

Yesterday, I forgot a sports bra, and that was not fun.

4. Prepare for the weather.

It’s winter and winter sucks. Remember that you are going out into the freezing cold with just leggings on after the gym. Bring sweatpants to put over those leggings or shorts. If you drive to the gym, this isn’t a big deal, but public transit requires waiting so be prepared.

5. Think about the logistics.

My clean clothes go in one pocket. Gloves and hand wraps in another. Because you do not want those smells mixing. Once the gloves come out, the sweatpants go in the gloves pocket so they are ready to be put on immediately after class. Also, I like to box without shoes; it just feels better for me. So I bring something, a wipe or rag, to quickly clean off my feet after class before putting my shoes back on. If you like to wear shoes though, I suggest getting a bag with a separate shoe compartment and only wear those shoes in the gym if you can. This way the shoes last longer and won’t smell as much.


All in all, this will take some time to figure out for yourself. But hopefully these tips help you figure it out a little bit sooner. This is also best for someone like me that goes to the gym, works out, and leaves. I don’t shower or anything at the gym so take that into consideration when figuring out the best situation for you.


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