Get Back in the Groove: A Guide to Working Out…Again

A body a rest tends to stay at rest. While a body in motion, tends to stay in motion. Blah blah blah physics and rules and laws. I’m not going to lecture about the accomplishments of Sir Issac Newton; however, this does come into play when trying to pull yourself off of the couch and go for a run.┬áSo I thought it would be a good thing to have in mind.

I recently took an extended break from working out. It was partially by choice. Yes, I lost my job that required me to workout twice a week making it difficult to afford a gym membership. But I also could’ve worked out at home. I have no self discipline. It is so much easier to have someone yelling at you to do impossible things like punch until your arms fall off, than it is to just want to punch until your arms fall off. Some would disagree but this is my own personal preference and that’s why I named the blog after me and not you.

But anyway, I finally decided that a savings account is for nerds and bought a gym membership. And that decision is the hardest part of getting to the gym. I was like a corpse being pulled from the river in the sense that someone could’ve performed an autopsy on me and I still wouldn’t have run. After realizing that, I started to look for a gym and didn’t even hesitate to pay. Paying a lot of money really helps to motivate me. If I don’t go to the gym, then I know I’m wasting a lot of money and hate wasting money more than anything. My parents really taught me how to be cheap.

I haven’t started working out at the gym yet because I was out of town. Now that I am back I’m going to start three days a week after or before work. For this blog, I will be focusing on the mental affects mostly. I am genetically fortunate enough to not have to worry about the physical affects, but if I grow any extra muscles or can suddenly be an Instagram model because of this gym, I’ll let you know. The workout focuses on boxing with 15 minutes of strength building before and after the boxing portion. I will not be changing my diet yet. If I decide to, I’ll make sure to add that to the notes.

I’ll keep updating this post on how it’s going, the improvement I’ve seen, stuff like that. Right now I just wanted to focusing on the “getting off my ass” part of it. It does seem to be the hardest part for everyone. But the best way to do it is just to do it. You can think about it for a long time: can I really commit to this and can I really do this; or you can just try it and remember that savings account are for nerds and rich people.



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