Behind The Scenes: BTS World Tour 2018

When I say, “Behind the Scenes,” I, of course, mean, behind the scenes of me going to the concert and other things that happened that day. Sorry to disappoint.

Let’s start with the logistics. I sat in row 8 of section 202 at the United Center in Chicago. That is the vantage point of all the photographs for your reference. They were excellent seats. Close enough to see the line of Jungkook’s abs, but not too close to see the freckle on J-Hope’s lip. In other words, I freaked out but didn’t die.


We booked our parking spot on Spot Hero and it was $5 cheaper than regular parking. We also could’ve easily taken the bus so that’s good to know for next year.

Yes, BTS is a k-pop group. I talk about them a lot. They spoke at the UN so no one can ever roll their eyes when I talk about them ever again.

I went full JungKook style to the concert, because I have no BTS shirts that currently fit. I wore black skinny jeans with holes in them obviously, fake Timberlands (I’m poor), white t-shirt tucked in, and a flannel tied around my waist. I looked amazing. The hair was simple, and I barely wore make-up because I understand that they will never see me close enough for that.

The United Center is a great arena, very clean and nice. Sound and visuals were all done very well. Good job sound and lighting engineers!

As far as the concert went, I stood perfectly still, squeezing my hands together the entire concert. I was so worried for them. I wanted them to do really well. I knew they would, but I still go full dance mom when I see my boys perform. I was looking for signs to see if one of them was injured or getting overheated. Things like that. They work so hard everyday and then put on almost three hour concerts for us. I would be dead. I don’t know how they do it. My friend was dancing the entire time and was probably very annoyed at my lack of movement. But they were right there, in the same room as me, I couldn’t move. Especially when J-Hope did, well, anything.

The set-list was perfect. Again the show was almost three hours, and they didn’t even get to do all of their big hits. Crazy.

I realized during the concert that Korea needs to make a Spider-Man movie just for JungKook to star in, because that would be amazing. He and Tom Holland would probably be amazing friends. Let’s start a online campaign to get those two together.

We also need to get John Cena to J-Hope, but that’s a problem for another time. I wanted J-Hope to be John Cena’s helper in Sisters. Like he’s the guy that carries the bag of drugs or he is the dealer and John Cena in the bodyguard. I should write movies.


BTS did do an encore, no thanks to the crowd at the concert. They kept trying to do the chant but couldn’t hold it. The tour shirts also sold out before the concert was over, which is insane to me. They started selling them when the concert started. Why would people leave that concert just to buy a shirt? That’s crazy. I’ll have to order mine from China though, so who knows when I’ll get it.

But being there, watching all the Army Bombs change color to the beat of the music, it was like seeing what people see on acid, without being on acid. I would imagine, based on descriptions I’ve heard. Congratulations BTS, you officially made the first acid-free acid experience and the best night of my life! (Even though I was cramping like crazy, and basically had to crawl home. Note to self: If you are cramping, go to a BTS concert.)

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