Would You Rather Fight One Horse-Sized Duck or … ?

My first birthday back in America in two years. The theme: legos and Spider-man. The time in Korea is over, but the PTSD when looking at a birthday cake is long from forgotten. Still, maybe things have changed since my last birthday. Moving back to America, moving from Louisiana to Chicago, finding a job, losing the job, dating, etc., I think it would be a true to say that I’ve changed. However, when that birthday sheet cake came out of the fridge, I saw it all over again. The Koreans surrounding me, singing, waiting for someone to make an attempt at my name. Even though the number of Koreans was less, I still felt the same.

I tried to do everything in my power to feel different. I went to the Happy Place.

The place in Chicago that has multiple rooms with different fun things in each. It is basically an adult playground of picture-spots. Hence the horse-sized duck. The line was very long, and there was no air conditioning. So very similar to South Korea. Actually, a combination of South Korea and Shanghai Disney. Remember Shanghai Disney birthday? I have never sweat so much in my life. I think I lost 20 pounds on that trip. I did get to jump in a pool of balls though. That was new. *insert ball jokes*

Balls deep in fun.

Don’t crush my balls.

Jumping into a pit of balls.

Don’t touch the yellow balls.

How’d all these balls get in here?!

But moving on, this birthday had everything: amazing food, two cakes, a pool of balls, karaoke, someone to share it with. Although the ball pit would’ve been much better if there were a slide at the bottom of the pool that you could slide down to a larger pool of balls. (No idea stealing, theme parks.)

I went to eat at a Korea-Italian fusion restaurant, and it was amazing. The flavors went surprisingly well together. I highly recommend it to lovers of Korean and Italian dishes. The karaoke was good too. I sang my classic set “My Humps,” “Sweet Dreams,” the Jonas Brothers, Avril, “What’s Up,” etc. I don’t remember the name of the karaoke place, but it was fun. I also recommend that.

That’s right; I said I had someone to share it with. Shocking I know. Before you ask, yes, he’s Korean, technically a genius, and can rap in Korean and English. Yes, I’m dating Nam Joon from BTS. I’m kidding, but they do share a surprising amount of similarities.

All-in-all I would fight a horse-sized duck for sure. It would be too big to be coordinated, and I could win the fight easily.


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