The Chicago Taco: A Revision

So, if everyone remembers when I first moved to Chicago, I started to notice a phenomena among many of the residents. That being, they are all obsessed with tacos. I discussed this phenomena in the post called¬†The Chicago Taco.¬†I promised a follow-up after I could finally say that I understand the taco obsession. I went to a little spot called BIG & little’s. Granted, I was forced to go, but it was pretty good. I ate the Samurai, the spicy pork (or something non-seafood related), the raw Ahi tuna, and some of a poke crunch wrap.

The Samurai: They place the taco filling on two small tortilla wraps so you have to re-position them to make an actual wrap. So, we are starting off the meal messy. But worth it, I promise. The combination of sauces goes perfectly with the fish. If you weren’t messy at the beginning, you are now. You are also hungered more by the small amount of food. So you always have to order multiple.

The Spicy Pork (or something non-seafood related): Again having to re-position into a wrap with the two small wraps. The meat of some sort was pulled and delicious.

The Raw Ahi Tuna: Just a bunch of raw tuna with some sauces at the bottom, so the best one. The shell was hard, giving the tuna a nice crunch. So much protein, making it a little more expensive than the rest but worth it.

Some of a Poke Crunch Wrap: This one was a combo of a Taco Bell crunch wrap, the raw Ahi tuna, and a regular taco. This one might have been the best one. It combines some pretty great things.

Overall, I understand the Chicago taco obsession a little bit more now.

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