The New Title: A Stiff Fall to the Ass

I bet when some people read this, they think, “Well, her life isn’t that sad just sort of unfortunate.” That would be incorrect. This is incorrect because my life is not sad. I’ve had a wonderful life, traveling around the world while not meeting that many people, my family is awesome, and I have a savings account. What more could I want?

I want a job. I do want that.

But the title is that because my life is so awkwardly funny that it borders on sad. Let me explain.

Last night I fell down the stairs. Yes, I actually fell down the stairs. I didn’t misstep nor were the stairs slippery from a spill; I literally just fell down the stairs. Before falling down the stairs I was watching hours of a k-drama and yelling at the screen (Thanks Goblin).

If you haven’t seen any k-dramas, I would highly recommend Goblin. If you have read all of my previous posts, you might remember the name Gong Yoo from the film Train to Busan; well, he is also the main character in Goblin. I put the link to the Train to Busan post for you. I also provided a link to his Google image search so everyone can see why they should watch this show.

Now, doesn’t that make you laugh a little imagining me falling down the stairs after crying and yelling about a k-drama? But as you are laughing you are thinking, that is kind of sad. This is why the title is as such. And to add insult to injury, I fell on the side of my bad hip. Yea, the hip I just spent hours and hundreds of dollars fixing. That hip. How awkward, right?

Now, I’m listening to k-pop and very sad that I can’t dance to it. (The playlist is a combination of TVXQ, the kings of k-pop, and BTS, of course.)

I talk about BTS a lot, but I believe this is my first mention of TVXQ so let me give you a little something on them. Two men, very attractive, talented, the kings of k-pop. Here is a link for your own research. Yes, they are older and don’t fully understand social media in the most adorable way possible. BTS did do a cover of their song Something, and it was amazing for everyone involved.

I’m hoping I will gain strength through the power of dance and music, Ellen DeGeneres says it’s the best medicine.

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  1. Thank you for acknowledging my boys as the kings 💕
    Also, I really hope you’re feeling better 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Grandmaw Ames says:

      Haha you’re welcome
      You know, moving hurts but it’s alright.


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