Mamma Mia: Musicals, Almost-Accidents, and Corn Fields

I don’t have a job, we all know this. I took advantage of my unemployment by going to visit my cousins in Iowa. I took the bus, in America, because I have no car. It was the first obstacle of my trip.

I don’t know if taking the bus in Korea has just made me spoiled, but the Greyhound in America is the worst.

If you haven’t taken the bus in Korea, you should. Even if you don’t do anything else in Korea, flying there just to experience the public transit is worth it. The buses have full recliner chairs, yes you can put your feet up. Everyone rides the bus, so there are so many buses, so the buses run all the time. That means the bus is never full. That’s right, you can always have two seats to yourself. You’re welcome.┬áThe WiFi on the bus is also amazing so no using all of your data for a seven hour bus ride, America. Changing the time of your ticket, it’s free and no problem. Don’t know where the bus is, they tell you no problem. Trying to buy a ticket, no problem. Don’t speak Korean, still no problem.

America needs to learn how it’s done. I got through a year in Korea, speaking another language, and it still wasn’t that bad. Upon arrival at the Greyhound station, the woman informed me the bus was at Gate 7. Gate 7 then informed me the bus left ten minutes ago. The woman was then baffled about how I could’ve missed the bus. (What?!) She told me to go to customer services to figure out what to do next. Customer Services then informed me to go to her to get a new ticket. She had no idea how to help.

After paying the $20, cash-only fee, I received my new ticket for the next bus leaving in four hours. I was very upset at this point and the cash-only fee, forcing me to use a sketchy ATM was the cherry on top of the crappy sundae. Bye bye identity. You lasted a long time.

The bus was shockingly packed. I had to sit next to someone the entire bus ride. I immediately thought, what nonsense is this! I didn’t think anyone rode the bus anymore, boy was I wrong. They did play a movie during the ride, which I thought was nice of them. It was a movie I’ve never heard of, but still a nice gesture. Given the fact that I had to wait four extra hours for my bus I was starving about three hours into the ride. We did get to stop at a McDonald’s though. It was a mistake for me to eat of course; I learned that the next day.

We arrived in Iowa at about 11 p.m. into a bus station that looked like the part of the zombie movie after the zombies have had control of the world for five years. Thankfully, my uncle was already there so I went straight from Greyhound, well Burlington Trailways (Greyhound doesn’t go to Iowa anymore), to caravan.

The Greyhound is very cheap though so I guess that’s why people like it, but I was still shocked to see how many people were on the bus. I was very happy to be off the bus, but I knew another bus was coming in two days so it was a little bittersweet. That was a problem for future Amy.

But now I had made it to Iowa so I could focus on what I was there for, Mamma Mia. My cousin was performing as Lisa, Sophie’s bridesmaid in Mamma Mia, for the Des Moines playhouse. Well this performance wasn’t at the playhouse, it was at the high school, but it was still beautiful. I don’t mean to sound biased because she is my cousin but it was really a great show. If you are in Des Moines for the next few weeks with nothing to do; it is worth it. She was amazing of course. If I had money, I would invest in her future somehow. Pay for college or classes or mugshots. But as I am poor, all I can do is take a very cheap bus ride to see her performances. I will have to do this again for her next performance in October, lucky me. I don’t mean to sound sarcastic, I just don’t want to take the bus again. Maybe I could convince my roommate with a car to come with me.

After the musical is when the almost-accident struck. The next day when a car attempted a turn without looking, we were forced to swerve over the median causing a tire to pop. We ended up on the opposite side of highway waiting for a cop and a tow-truck. No one was hurt. My uncle turned into a straight super-hero to save our lives. An eventful start to our shopping trip that day. I was able to purchase an interview outfit, maybe that will actually help get me a job. No interview offers yet, but at least I am prepared.

The thing I learned the most from this trip, Illinois and Iowa have a lot of cornfields. I know you’re thinking, duh Amy, everyone knows that. Well I knew it too but have never seen it. So after this weekend, I can say, Dang that’s a lot of corn.

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