A Graduation

No, not my graduation from college; although, that was a good day too. I have finally done it. I have graduated from Physical Therapy, and the ceremony was wonderful.

I knew this was going to be my final session at physical therapy. Mostly because I can’t afford to go anymore, but also, I do feel better. My grandmaw hip has decreased in age. I would say she’s about 40 now. She ain’t 20 anymore, but she still has fun. Much to my surprise when I arrived they still had me warm-up the same way. Then two therapists approached, Captain America and one that really reminds me of my roommate, I will call her, Not My Roommate.

Captain America and Not My Roommate said I would be working with both of them. Gulp. If it wasn’t bad enough having to work with Captain America and his big blues, someone had to watch me interact with his soccer bod like an idiot. So, that was stressful. They were doing this becasue Not My Roommate is learning something new and Captain America was helping her with it. Yeap, Captain America was doing all the work “positioning” my hip while explaining to her what to do. Then Not My Roommate would try the same manuver.

If I have to spell it out for you, Captain America would massage my hip until I was sweating, because Captain America was massage my hip. Then Not My Roommate would come in and have to wonder why my hip was so sweaty. I can’t imagine what they say about me when I leave. I would have loved to bug that office. I think they probably talk about all the weird sock I’ve worn to my appoinments.

These socks have included gems like this:

It’s *picture of French fries* Day socks

Obama’s face socks

J-Hope of BTS socks

And this…

Home *picture of pizza slice* socks

You Bacon Me Crazy socks

And to top it off, on graduation day, I wore a shirt that said, “In Fries We Trust.” It did spark a good conversation about French fries, Captain America likes sweet potato fries. Great tastes think alike. I bet they wonder about the rest of my wardrobe. They probably think I have a French fry tattoo somewhere. (That would be an amazing tattoo though.)

After doing some very difficult exercises with Stan Lee that focused mostly on my right leg (Yes, I feel very lopsided today), they asked what Ruth Bader’s plan of action is. When I told them she said it should be my last session, they were shocked. That’s when I realized no one else knew it was my PT graduation.

The ceremony seemed rushed, but it did include Captain America running tests on me. By tests, I mean the usual stuff; he stood in a table and pushed my shoulders down very hard to see if my back would break. It seems like I won because I graduated. The greatest part of my graduation was leaving at the same time as Captain America; we didn’t speak, but still cool.

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