Incredible Jurassic Pool 2

Unemployment definitely has some perks. My favorite perk is being able to catch up on all my movies. I finally got to see Deadpool 2Incredibles 2, and Jurassic World all in the same week.

Deadpool 2 was hilarious. The lucky girl was my favorite. I forget her name. Everyone said that I would not like it because the jokes were too expected, since it is Deadpool. But I did not feel that way. I mean, I knew it was going to be funny because it is Deadpool, but it wasn’t in a negative way. The joke made with Logan was too emotional, and I wasn’t ready for it. The film did finally answer my question if Deadpool could still cut through bullets with swords. SPOILER ALERT: He cannot.

I was very worried during the film because there was a small child sitting in front of me. I felt like his parents were being very irresponsible. The movie is extremely graphic and sexual. Actually, this one wasn’t as sexual as the first one but still. Even if this movie wasn’t enough graphic content, the previews really were not for children.

The biggest news during the film-going experience was the preview for a movie called The Happytime Murders. The muppet film that isn’t made for children. The preview ends with two muppets having sex, and there’s a very explosive ending. The small child then said, “I really wanna see that,” loud enough for the entire theater to here. That was the funniest line in the film for me. That child needs to be a comedian.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was really intense and a lot of big moves were made. I’m not sure how I feel about them though. I love the Jurassic franchise, but dealing with dinosaurs is enough. All the genetic blending and stuff is too much for me. Just have humans fighting dinosaurs. SPOILER ALERT: The story-line with the little girl was so predictable, I didn’t like it. Now, the bad humans are going to want to exploit the girl and the good humans/some dinosaurs will be fighting against them. It’s too much.


Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for, literally we waited 14 years for this, Incredibles 2. Everything about it was everything I wanted. More Jack-Jack. More Frozone. More Edna. More importantly, Edna and Jack-Jack together, seriously, it was adorable. I finally got to fully pig-out on popcorn, an Icee, and a giant cookie. It was such a wonderfully childish time that brought me back 14 years. I don’t even remember what I was doing at nine but I was probably eating popcorn, drinking an Icee, and then eating a cookie. But surprisingly the script was very topical for being written so long ago.


The only down side is I am very poor. So maybe going to three movies a week isn’t such a great idea.

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