Hard To Breathe

I was promised a nice summer in Chicago. Everyone said the winter is terrible but the summer makes it worth it. They all lied. I was lied to.

Maybe everyone has adjusted to the amount of pollen that comes out in the summer and were unable to tell me. I hope that was it, and everyone didn’t just lie to me. But I feel betrayed a little.

I thought it was snowing yesterday. I have never had terrible allergies, but it burns to breathe when I walk outside. That has never happened before. I think I need to walk around with a surgical mask. Everyone laughs at me when I do that. I feel like I’m getting over it though. Thankfully.

I was very excited to enjoy the weather. Finally do some sightseeing. I have only been the Bean. I haven’t even seen the beach, because now I have to hide in my house like a hermit from all the pollen in the air.

Even if I wanted to leave, taking a bus this time of year, I have learned is basically impossible. Apparently festivals in Chicago just close down whole streets instead of just having it in a park where it doesn’t disturb public transit, so trying to get from point A to point B includes at least two reroutes.

So my biggest question is when is a good time in Chicago? Because I haven’t even approached the subject of the construction. It’s insane. Right now there is a truck outside my house digging up the street.

I just need to know how people ever leave the house in this town. It seems impossible to me, but that’s just my personal opinion. Perhaps I just need to get a car, then the bus problem wouldn’t be a problem. But I still don’t understand how it would work.

Maybe I could just a virtual reality headband thing for my phone to see the sights of Chicago?

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