Working out. Am I right?

It’s the worst! I have hated working out my entire life. Like absolutely hated it. I made fun of people that spent a lot of time at the gym. I thought counting calories was a waste of counting. And drinking protein shakes, what a load of crap!

Of course that was until I found my workoutspiration.

That is a word I believe I made up (I didn’t fact check this) to mean the inspiration we all have to workout. That inspiration, for me, is imagining beating the shit out of people. But it is a very specific type of beating up. It’s not just senseless beating of another person; it is the carefully choreographed beating up of a person through martial arts.

This inspiration has been there my entire life, I grew up on spy movies, the Bond girls, Charles Angels, X-Men, etc; however, I didn’t start listening to it until I watched the show Chuck. And more specifically, re-watching the show Chuck.¬†

Chuck¬†is a show that followed the life of fictitious Charles Bartowski after he got a bunch of government secrets in his head and needed to have a CIA and NSA bodyguard. The show continues, and he eventually doesn’t need to bodyguards anymore, but that’s a story for another time. Or you could just watch the show. It is not on Netflix anymore, but the internet is a vast place full of many things, and that is all I will say on the matter.

Anyway, his CIA handler was played by a one Yvonne Strahovski, and she kicked ass a lot in the show. After watching the show the second time through, I realized that I really wanted to methodically kick ass a lot like she did. So I took a Tae Kwon Do class, and that has snowballed into kickboxing, which I now do as a living basically.

(My relationship with kickboxing has been a rocky one. Unable to train. Training too much. Stuff like that. It is the longest relationship of my life though. We are in a very committed place right now though. It’s going well.)

So my workoutspiration is her, pretending to kick ass, in a very technical way.


Now I am at the gym everyday and drink protein shakes after every workout. Complete 180, I know. But, once the inspiration hits, I am unable to control myself from becoming my enemy.

It has become such a problem because now my body is screaming at me to stop, but I can’t because everyday my technique gets a little better, the closer I am to beating people up. Not that I will ever use this skill, I’m not going to go into the ring or anything. I would love to use this skill, but using it just to win against another person is not enough. Fighting is for protection and that’s all.

Although I don’t workout to lose weight or get huge muscles, I can now see the value of working out. The only workouts I do outside of kickboxing are just me trying to get stronger so I can hit harder. Or for me to further my technique. Find a workout you love and you’ll never workout a day in your life. That is a terrible paraphrasing of the famous life lesson, but who cares, it applies in the situation of workoutspiration.

Once I found my workoutspiration, it is just a matter of finding ways to afford the workout and keeping myself motivated. Kickboxing is an expensive workoutspiration to have, but if it’s worth it, it’s worth it. Next, staying motivated. My favorite motivating trick is listening to music. Often while listening to music, I am walking through situations that require me to beat up someone: I’m attacked on the sidewalk, BTS is being attacked for being so cool, stuff like that.

That’s my workoutspiration. What’s yours?

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