Obsessions [Explained]

Let’s get serious for a second. I’m finally starting to make new friends, which is great (apparently). My new friends are my new co-workers, and they are great. I understand that I should be spending time with other people besides my roommates, but having a lot of friends is just weird. How do you keep track of them all?

But ever since I got the job, I’ve had to explain to ten different people at ten different times, my obsession with BTS.

Yes, this is another BTS post. But I haven’t done one in awhile so calm down.

If you don’t know who BTS is, then what are you even doing here?! Get out cause you ain’t gonna understand the rest of this post. I’ve already explained it to ten different people at ten different times so I can’t explain to you right now.


BTS, of course, is a Korean pop group that is definitely amazing. So amazing that they are world famous and will be performing at the BBMAs. They move like angels and look like angels and are angels. See, I love talking about BTS. But what I don’t like is explaining my obsession with them to many people. First of all , it’s very hard. Second of all, no one ever gets it. It’s like explaining a painting to a blind person.

Like anyone with an obsession, I’ve realized BTS makes my life better but also worse. I’m sure everyone knows the feeling I’m talking about. When you love something that makes you realize all the things you want. I’ve realized I want seven South Korean men singing and dancing in front of me at all times. (Some of us want weird things.) And even though you know your obsession is complete bonkers, (I spend way too much time wondering if John Cena and BTS will ever meet, and if they meet, will they capture the moment of video? Like who spends their time like this? It’s crazy) you can’t get away from it because it makes you so happy. It’s like eating an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids in one sitting, which I did yesterday.

Once you accept that your obsession will never change, it starts to make your life a little worse. Especially your dating life. Mostly because it takes up so much of your free time so you don’t have time for dating. But also because no man will ever be seven South Korean men singing and dancing in front of you at all times. So you either have to lower your standards by a lot, or accept loneliness for the remainder of your life.

And don’t even get me started on explaining this obsession to the men I date. That’s like telling them you have a kid or $50,000 of credit card debt; it’s something you have to bring up after they are hooked.

But after explaining BTS to ten different people and showing each of them MIC Drop, I’ve learned that most people have the same reaction to BTS. This is it.

I don’t really understand.

Why is that guy’s hair like that? (RM, I love ya, but your hair in that video is just not good.)

And finally…

I feel like I need to see more.

So everyone experiences the intrigue of BTS, but for some reason people like me, my roommate, and about two million other people on the planet, fall into a full, life crippling (and wallet crippling) hole that they can never climb out of. I think these people don’t know how to handle perfection. Or we are all just really horned up. We will never know the answer to this question.


Alright, now I’m started on explaining this to guys. First dates are a very delicate dance. People love to talk about the music they like. It’s like a number one first date topic. I try to start out light and just say I listen to k-pop sometimes, then a few dates in I go half fangirl. They realize I’m obsessed and ask to see a picture of these guys. It’s usually said like this.

Alright, I gotta see a picture of these guys. 

After they see the photo, they become confused and say the guys look like girls because they are wearing make-up or dressed nice or don’t have the bugling muscles of John Cena. And that’s about the time the guy sees my angry side. Yes, many members of BTS have dressed up like a girl before, and yeah, they are more beautiful than I will ever be as a girl, but damn, America’s views on masculinity really gotta change. I’m not comfortable walking around in a world where all guys look like John Cena. It’s just terrifying.

This is usually when the guy stops talking to me.

The worst was when I said I like k-pop, and the guy said he likes country music. I just had to walk away from that entire conversation. So, to say BTS directly ruins my dating life is wrong I guess, but knowing these seven South Korean men exist in the world just makes dating so much harder.

And God forbid I date any guy that has any connection to Asia. Then they just say, Oh, so you just want anything Asian. (And yes, this has been said to me on a date.)


You just happen to be Asian. Seriously, this gets me every time.

Obsessions are hard. Our lives definitely would be better if they didn’t consume them. But then again, would they? If I didn’t spend all my time worrying and listening to BTS, what would I do with my free time, read a book? That sounds like a terrible way to live. I’ve also learned great things about myself; for instance, I do have the potential to love living things that aren’t dogs, but I have very high standards for them.



I’d like to hear from the few people that read this weird ass blog. What’s your music obsession that was a deal breaker on dates or just really hard to explain to normos?

Also, if you want to read more of my stuff, please share my blog with people so I know people are reading.

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