First of all, sorry it has been so long. But, I’m finally employed so 1. I haven’t had time to write and 2. My job has certain requirements that makes it very difficult to move my body most of the time.

Let me explain. I’m teaching kickboxing now. Which I love; kickboxing is amazing, and super fun. It is also a crazy intense workout, and I am now required to do two full workouts a week plus the working out I have to do while teaching the actual class. So yeah, my body hurts.

Not only that, but as we are all aware, I am a grandmother at heart and at body (on the inside) so my hip pain has hopped back up. Causing me to often walk with a limp or be covered in KT tape from hip to ankle. (If you haven’t tried KT tape for injuries yet, you should, it works very well.)

Nevertheless, I love my job. I get to kick things and be paid for it, definitely a dream come true. The only downside is I do have to take the bus to work. The bus is terrible as I’ve said before and everyone knows it. Public transit is only worth it in South Korea. My bus ride is 40 minutes, or 30 minutes if I have that old bus driver, and during those thirty plus stops, I pass the very active business, One and Done Head-lice Treatment. I never thought of head-lice as something that needs an entire business to help; I think a better name for the company would be Any Name of a Business to Launder Money.

So anyway, all this to say, I’m employed. And I’m a super great detective that found a business that exists just to launder money. And, finally, I’m going to start creating more content for the four you out there reading this.


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