The Balding Anchovy: Preparing to Say Goodbye

“I love you more and more.”

“I love you more and more.”

“I love you more and more.”

He just kept saying that.

Not to me of course. But to another teacher. I think they were talking about something grammar related, but you never know.


I’m coming to the end of my year in Korea, which means I’ll have to say goodbye to the Balding Anchovy soon.

I go back and forth on how I’m going to do it. Part of me wants to choreograph a dance for him or memorize a dance from High School Musical. While another part wants to write a heartfelt letter and not sign my name.

Either way, I can’t decide if I should tell him about the existence of the Anchovy chronicles. How do you tell someone you have never talked to that you constantly write him because he’s such a mystery?

But either way, I know he “accidentally” called another teacher my name yesterday, so I like to think he’s going to miss me.

Our relationship has come a long way from him laughing at me at the Christmas party when I sang Journey. And what we have now is a beautiful and completely unspoken bond between us.

I should invite him and his wife over for Christmas one year.

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