Shanghai Disney: The Sleeping Dragon

I recently went on a trip to Shanghai Disneyland with my co-worker. We went because it was my birthday, and what better way to celebrate your 23rd than by going to Disneyland.

We booked a fancy hotel and everything. The hotel was so fancy they had one of those mirrors attached to the wall that you can pull out. And a rain shower so you can feel like a streaker in the shower.

It was a great vacation.

Except, I’m sad to say, I pushed a few children.

But, let me just say that parents are teaching their children how to push in line and disrespect people. So, when one kid jumped over the barrier to cut the line, I “guided” him back to his family.


I did receive the greatest present of all time: I met Captain America. Well the character at Disneyland, I met. I like to think he will remember me because my friend and I  were the ONLY TWO WHITE PEOPLE AT DISNEYLAND. I hope he always remember me, too.


Disneyland in China is not helpful to foreigners at all. I know it is partially because of China’s rules, but it is also just the park being difficult. I made a quick tip list if you are planning a trip as well:

  1. DO NOT go during peak season. Too many people are there and you will spend more two hours in line for every ride.
  2. Get to the park two hours early or two hours late. In China, they check EVERYONE’S ID before going into the park so the line to get in is so slow you will consider dark things while waiting.
  3. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is amazing so go on it. Also, Peter Pan’s flight will bring tears, do that one too.
  4. If you go when it is sunny, everyone will use a parasol that will poke you in the face multiple times. So wear a hat or a simple hairdo that won’t be messed up by umbrella stabbing.
  5. Get portable WiFi and a VPN. Disneyland’s WiFi is only available with a Chinese phone number. And you won’t be able to post anything to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, basically all social media, without a VPN.

I hope this helps you if you are planning a trip to Shanghai Disneyland.

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