Beetle Babies: How bugs make you crazy

Sorry I haven’t posted, my 39 followers. I’ve let you down, and I apologize. You 39 people are important. I promise.

This is why I haven’t posted: I’m tired. Why am I tired? Well, I have bugs in my apartment. So it’s hard, because I’m living with bugs.

They are tiny brown beetles. I call them beetle babies. They got into my dry food, had to throw that out. They got into my bathroom, so I couldn’t shower. And they got into my bed, MY BED.

I woke up yesterday all happy and refreshed. The day is new. I opened my eyes and there was a bug crawling at my face. AT MY FACE. So yesterday was a horrible day.

But the worst part of all of this is the bug spray. I’ve been spraying so much bug spray, I’m losing my mind. For instance, I can’t stop watching Monk. Where did that come from? Bug spray, it came from the bug spray. Also, I’ve been watching Bet On It, the song from High School Musical when Zac Efron angry-dances on a golf course over and over. I quote the song in daily life now. Curse you Zac Efron and this Korean bug spray that is poisoning me.  

If you know what these bugs are, please help. They’re small brown beetles. I don’t think they bite, and they can fly, I think. Here’s a picture:



Now for a work update:

My co-teacher closed a door on me today. Not on purpose, he honestly didn’t even notice I was in the room. Not the Anchovy, he could never be so cruel, my other co-teacher. I walked in the room, and I was standing right next to him. I even knocked before walking in. I talked to the students while I was in there. As I was walking out, he closed the door on me. The door even hit my body and bounced back at him. He continued to push it closed.

Normally, I would be offended by this, but as we all know, I am invisible to all Korean men.


Finally, it is the Anchovy’s birthday today. I don’t think I’ve never been so excited for a birthday of someone I have never spoken to before except maybe Mindy Kaling or J-Hope.

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