Fresh Tat

July 15, 2017

Tattoo day!

I think everyone knows about my emotional attachment to Wolverine. If you don’t, I have an emotional connection to Wolverine. Movie Wolverine, I’ve never read the comic books. Sorry, not sorry.

But back to my emotional connection, because everyone is wondering, Why Wolverine? Well, it goes back to my father (like all emotional things for women I guess). You see, my father used to dress up as Wolverine every.single.Halloween. So my first memories of my father were of him, facial hair like Wolverine and tin-foil claws taped to his hands. His costume was truly amazing. I wish I was home to dig up a picture. (Mom or Dad, if you are reading this then comment the picture please!) We would go see every X-Men movie in theaters, and we owned all of them on DVD. So yeah, I had a great childhood.

So, you can imagine how much I cried during Logan. Logan was the last time Hugh Jackman was going to play Wolverine. I say “was” because I hope he will come back. If you haven’t seen the movie, MAJOR SPOILER APPROACHING! DO NOT SCROLL DOWN!



Watching the death of Wolverine, was like watching the death of my father on the big screen. And watching a young Wolverine kill the old Wolverine is so filled with metaphors, I don’t even have time for it right now. My dad is still alive, just to clarify. But again, it’s the metaphor.

So, while I love Hugh Jackman, my feelings for him don’t match the feelings I have for Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is a crazy beautiful man that I love. How is he that perfect looking? But, Wolverine is like my dad. Except, my dad wears more shirts. And I think my dad would pop a blood vessel if he tried to do Wolverine. By “do Wolverine” I mean the scream. Here’s a link.

I imagine Hugh does Wolverine every time he stubs his toe. He walks through the room and hits the couch, like we all do because he’s just a normal person guys. Then Wolverine screams, “DEB! WHY DID YOU MOVE THE COUCH?!” Then walks to ice his toe.


And that is why I got a Wolverine tattoo.

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