The Most Vulnerable Hole

July 8, 2017

Today I did nothing, successfully. Sometimes you do nothing and feel crappy about it. But when you do it successfully, you feel great after. Just like sex.

I did go to a singing room (in Korea, a singing room is where you do karaoke but you get a room to yourself so you never have to sing in front of strangers). And I learned that Smack That by Akon is literally the hardest song to sing ever.

I also learned that the most vulnerable hole in Korea is a window. Because if you live in the part of Korea known as Daefrica, which I do, you have to open your window to get fresh air. But “fresh air” means the humidity of a thousand cases of swamp ass, smoke from your inconsiderate neighbors, yellow dust (pollution that covers everything in your apartment in a thick layer of yellow dust), and very aggressive mosquitoes (like the kind of mosquitoes that chew their way through the screen to get to your blood).

A very informative day overall.


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  1. Scott Geiger says:

    Sounds like Louisiana

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