Loofahs are Bad

July 9, 2017

2:00 pm – After finishing Chuck for the 20th time, I finally showered, shaved, and set out on my task for the day. Go to Daiso. Daiso is like a dollar store, but everything is adorable. EVERYTHING.

(If you can’t fly to Korea or Japan for Daiso, there is one in California, I believe.)

You can buy anything there. For example, I bought insoles, pens (Toy Story and Marvel pens), and a drain snake. I originally went in for a new loofah because I just found out that those things are terrible. Like, we should not be using these things. The amount of germs is crazy. I don’t know the exact amount, because I didn’t read the article. But my friend did, and she said to stop using them immediately.

But my favorite thing about Daiso is there is never a defined line to check out. It’s just a collection of people fighting to get to the counter first. I think people just really like to pay for stuff in Korea. This time as I was paying, a woman put her stuff on top of my bag. She was angry because another woman appeared from the aisle and stole her opportunity to pay.


I was so excited about the drain snake, but I think I did it wrong. You’re just supposed to stick it in and pull it out repeatedly, right?


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