The Mystery of the Balding Anchovy: The Anchovy and the Ice Cream Cone

Day 200: There was nothing to do at work that day. No students. No classes. Nothing for three hours.

I chose to spend this time writing, Grandmaw Ames is a tribute to this time. But the Korean teachers decided to spend this time differently. And our favorite lankly teacher took this time to enjoy ice cream.

I have no idea how he got it. He just appeared at his desk with an ice cream cone, a drumstick to be exact. There was a childhood sparkle in his eyes as he decided what side to bite into first. And there was nothing I could do but pretend to do work on the computer and watch. I failed to get a picture. I really tried.

He ate it surprisingly slow. Like he was a mother of five finally getting time to herself to eat without kids pulling on her.

When he finished, he looked so satisfied yet sad.


So I hopped on the table and started singing “My Humps,” which I know ALL OF THE WORDS TO apparently. Jumping from table to table, singing at the top of my lungs, all the teachers were happy and laughing. When the song ended, the anchovy helped me down and hugged me, respectfully, because he’s married.


“Amy, did you make that worksheet yet?” my co-teacher asked, and I was back in the boring office.¬†And the anchovy was sitting, looking depressed, with his fingers holding up his nose for some reason. He likes to sit in this position. I’m convinced it’s because he got a nose job and needs to hold it up periodically throughout the day so it doesn’t slide off.


Day 202: He has started to dress nicer now. Not the usual tan pants and small, very bright blue shirt. The pants now have patterns, and the shirts fit. Things must be going well at home. Maybe he came into some money recently. I wonder what he looks like when he shops. Is he a casual shopper? Or a treat-yo-self person?

I bet he’s a treat-yo-self based on the amount of packages he gets at work.


Day 205: The anchovy seems to have more energy now. I wonder if he is working out. He is grunting less when sitting and standing. Now he only grunts when kids walk in the room.

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