Tales of Covfefe

Weeks ago Covfefe shook the world, now we finally learn its tale. These are the stories that started it all.

Written by students of South Korea

1 Covfefe Cafe

There is a small cafe named Covfefe Cafe, and it was popular to people. In the morning, everyone goes to Covfefe Cafe and always fights with each other. It is not just a usual cafe; it was the fighting cafe so they can fight anyone.

One day, a cute little boy came to Covfefe Cafe, but he had no idea about the rules of Covfefe Cafe (Because that’s the first rule of Covfefe Cafe.) That cute little boy noticed a man staring at him. He fought with the man and won the prize named Covfefe First Prize because the man was a champion of the Covfefe Cafe.


2 Covfefe Store

There was one magical store that is named “Covfefe.” A strange old woman was in charge of Covfefe. Once a day, an old man visited the store. He bought some magical tools. The magical tools that he bought were things to kill people. He was trying to kill the master of Covfefe. When he tried it; however, she had another tool to fight. So they keep fighting and blocking, but it didn’t end so they tried to stop and be friends.


3 Covfefe Spell

There’s a spell, “Covfefe,” and it is the spell to call a monster. The monster had nine different appearances and all nine are called EXO. exofeatured(EXO is a famous k-pop group and if you haven’t fallen in the k-pop hole yet, then you didn’t even try.) One day, a baby was born and got the name “Covfefe.” And when he mother called him, the monster appeared. It was not a monster, it was a handsome guy. At first the mother didn’t know that it was a monster, but after a few weeks, the monster shows them their real appearance so baby and mother was shocked.


4 The Man Named Covfefe

There was a man named Covfefe. Covfefe was always kind, but there was a man who disliked Covfefe. So, the man who hates him, made a plan to destroy his life. A man always steal his pencils or some things that he has to bring to school. However, he always prepared two, so he didn’t care about it and also didn’t know that someone stole his things. Because he is stupid. Covfefe was so happy because he is stupid. And Covfefe met a beautiful smart girl and got married.


5 A Girl Named Covfefe

A long time ago, there was a lovely girl named Covfefe. She was too pretty to see her, but some people hated her. Some people thew trash to her and always said bad words to her. She got hurt, and she decided to get ugly, so when she typed the word ‘get ugly’ on Naver.com. There was a video of Produce 101 boys dancing to “Get Ugly.” So she decided to learn that dance but she couldn’t find a teacher for it. Finally she met the ugliest man in the world. In the end, they got to know each other and love each other. And they lived happily together.


6 Singing Covfefe

Covfefe is a singer. He is 3m tall, and he is so ugly that no one liked him. Also, they don’t listen to his songs. But, there was only one big, big fan, and her name was Lovfefe. Covfefe got to know Lovfefe. Lovfefe was a woman was 2m 89cm, and she loved Covfefe’s songs. He fell in love with and married her.



One boy always wants to make coffee. So, when he was older, he opened his one coffee shop. The name of the coffee shop was Covfefe. But there wasn’t any people in his coffee shop, because his coffee is not delicious. One day, one woman came to Covfefe, and she wants to help his coffee shop. She taught him how to make different kinds of coffee and dessert. It was so delicious, and Covfefe became very famous.



In 1989, there were very famous cookies that were made in the United States, known as Covfefe. It tastes of coffee and chocolate, and very popular to teenagers, because it was so sweet. It was only $1 for five cookies. But, in 1995, one boy named Cosfefe observed that there is a cockroach in Covfefe cookies. He took a picture of it and attached it in The Times. Everyone was so surprised, and that cookie disappeared. Therefore, now people don’t know about Covfefe.



A long time ago, there was a tiger named Covfefe. He was brave, strong, and powerful. However, he was scared of water. When he was young, his father died in the water. So, he was afraid of the water. When Covfefe became an adult, he met a turtle. The turtle was a servant of the water god. The turtle told Covfefe that he is brave. So the water god wanted to see him, and Covfefe must go into the water. Covfefe was afraid of the water, but he decided to go inside the water. So, he met the water god, and he got many kinds of treasures from the water god. Because of this, Covfefe isn’t afraid of the water anymore, and he lived happily every after.



There was one girl named Covfefe. Covfefe always said bad words, and did bad things. Sometimes, the police took her to the police office because she tricked the old man in the street. The old man broke his leg. So all of the towns’ people knew Covfefe. One day, people started to post posters about Covfefe. They posted at the cafe, and their stores because Covfefe sometimes steals from them. The towns’ people wanted to prevent this from happening. At the same time, Covfefe walks along the street, thinking about what tricks she will do, then she saw the poster.

She began to angry, and Covfefe made strange, noisy sounds and broke all the stuff. The police tried to catch her, but they can’t. She ran away and went back to tease the police, but then ran away. Now, Covfefe is dead. She was killed by the police.

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