The Mystery of the Balding Anchovy: From Anchovy to Hero

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to swoon.

Full disclosure, this happened to a friend of mine, because nothing this cute happens to me. I just have one of those faces I guess.


Day 180: This is just a normal day for me. He said nothing to me, I said nothing to him. But this day will change everything for everyone.

This is like the first Ross and Rachel kiss on Friends, beautiful and sweet until you realize he’s still with Julie. (I’ve bee watching Friends a lot because I’m a normal human.)

Here we go. Seriously, cannot over-hype this enough.


We have a new teacher at our school so that means she gets to sit through every class and watch the goings ons. It’s very boring. Until, you get that one student that wants to ask this silent observer a question. So when the moment came, you, as the teacher, are so excited to have a break from the constant questions.

The students start the easy questions like How old are you? Where are you from? How much do you weigh? Stuff like that. Then comes the question that stirs up trouble: Do you have a boyfriend? 

The new teacher answers truthfully: no.

Then the student, being the annoyingly inquisitive thing she is, asks “Teacher, are you a lesbian?” And not just asks it, but screams it. So even someone walking by the room to get to the bathroom can hear. That someone was, you guessed it, the Anchovy himself.

Worried about the well-being of the teacher, he rushes to the office to send in reinforcements. He quickly informs another teacher of the inappropriate questioning of the child and orders her to go properly punish the student and check on the teachers involved.

Great story, I know.

And if you are not squeezing a pillow right now out of the cuteness of this story. Then you have no soul. Because this is what K-dramas are made of. This is the that-beautiful-man-has-a-beautiful-soul scene. The only thing that could’ve made it better is if the Anchovy and teacher he rescued shared a glance and the scene freezes.


I promised a “But Ross is still dating Julie” moment, here it is. The thing we learn most from this story is that yes Anchovy can understand English. And more than we thought. So we know that he knows.



Day 181: And if you aren’t swooning yet then you’ll be happy to hear that today he asked me a semi-non-work question, and I answered it.

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  1. Still my favorite 😂

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