Mario&Luigi: a “love” story

I’ve been writing this blog thing for awhile now so I think I’ve figured out what my audience of maybe 20 really want. You like stories about nothing, because that’s what I write. And while sex sells, everyone reading this should know that I have none of that to sell to you. So I’ve decided to give you more nothing love stories, that if I was the lead in a TV show would end in something more but not everyone has that skill set. And real life, let’s face it, just has a lot less sex in it. (Alright, I think I’ve said sex enough to grab your attention.)

Introducing Mario and Luigi Teacher, the epic love story that lasted 5 minutes and involved no talking.

We open on a corky, prettyish girl wearing a red shirt. She is called Mario because of this. She is standing in front of a class of small children, no idea what she is teaching. Like most teachers.

Enter Luigi-which is just a normal man wearing a white and black stripped shirt. Because of this, he is called Luigi. Luigi, of course, is very attractive and Korean. This means Mario is invisible to him, because as we all know Korean men don’t see Mario.

[insert flashbacks of multiple men just running into Mario without even noticing]

Luigi is settling the small children and making sure they have all the needed materials. The kids all listen carefully, because they love Luigi and hate Mario. They even try to kill Mario with imaginary guns.

Just before Luigi leaves, he looks to Mario. This look is the beginning and end of the epic love story between the two. And Mario never saw Luigi again.

Until the class was over and then again before she left to go home. This concludes this beautiful nonexistent love story of everyday life. Because TV shows get it wrong.


If you have a nonexistent love story, you want my 20 readers to see, let me know.

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