Trying to Watch the News

I’m sitting here in my Skinfood Goat milk face mask (#productplacement, Please give me money!), when I get a text from my brother asking about the news in South Korea.

I realized I haven’t looked at the news in weeks as part of my plan to only watch 30 Rock, which means I was being lazy. I’ve also been contemplating changing my name legally to Liz Lemon.  So in a moment of video buffering, I finally decided to check the news. Dammmmnn guys, stuff sucks right now. Seriously, things are not going well.

Are we about to go to war? Even worse, are we about to go to war with a country ruled by a giant baby?!


I’m tired. I’m done. I can’t handle the political thing.

I scrolled through BBC News like scrolling through a Facebook feed during an election. Who has the energy for this? I want the news to tell me only the things I need to know so I don’t die. I don’t need potential WWIII starter news next to “Why Female Characters need to be more likable?” If I’m about to be nuked, I don’t care why Blackwidow isn’t getting her own movie. (But really Marvel, get it together!)

I just want to know why this is happening. Trump should know that you can’t play with a baby without getting some throw up on your suit.

I guess all I’m trying to say is, I’m too tired for this shit.

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