Vacation Amy

Vacation Amy loves having her face caressed by a lot of Indian men and inhaling paint.

She enjoys long walks through the woods at night. A place she can really hear all the attacks by predators and bird sex.

She loves avocados. A lot.

She loves photos, and long bus rides.

She loves travelling back in time.

Vacation Amy loves watching TV and falling asleep at 9 pm, like a grandma.

She loves waking up at 10 am.

She loves finding CCTV cameras in the middle of the mountains on her morning hike, because Korea.

She loves going through cobblestone street mazes and getting so lost she publicly cries on those cobblestone streets.

She loves posting photos.

And more than anything Vacation Amy loves to come home and visit the Korean man that speaks like an Irish man wearing a hanbok while drinking tea.

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