Texting and Stitching

One of the hardest parts about living here is not being there for my family. Today, my dad is having surgery so I am staying up waiting for updates from my mother.

The surgery is routine, nothing to worry about—until she explains how she is getting her updates. Apparently, she is also awaiting text messages.


With all our new technology and need to avoid face-to-face confrontation, even doctors are texting it in! I don’t care about that. Face-to-face confrontation is iffy at best for me. But if texting and driving is bad, I can’t imagine how bad texting and stitching can be. What if he drops the phone…like inside the person? And I thought getting a phone from under the seat was difficult!


Or does the operating room have a designated texter, like when you’re driving but need to send a message?

Doctor: Say, Patient is doing well.

Texter: Okay!

Doctor: And add your own flare. Make it your own!

“Patient is doing well. <winky face> <thumbs up>”

Doctor: The patient is crashing. Tell them!

Texter: Okay!

“It doesn’t look good. <sad face>

We are working on it! <thumbs up>”

Doctor: What did she say?

Texter: She didn’t read it yet!

Doctor: Tell me when she does.

Texter: She read it.

Doctor: Good!

Do you think she’s upset?

Texter: Probably.

Doctor: He’s doing fine now.

Texter: Okay, what do I say?

Doctor: Tell her! Quickly!

“P is OK!

<smiley face>

<thumbs up>”


I don’t know which option is worse…



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