Was that flirting?

I feel like Google translate has failed me.

But after only five months living in South Korea, I was given my Korean name.

We have already seen what my name is in Korean, but this is different. This name was given to me by the man giving me an eye exam. 에민 is my new name to the Korean world. For those that don’t read Hangul, it reads Amin. Almost like Amen. Once again proving that people are truly blessed when meeting me.

Clearly, he felt the same way.

After an hour long eye exam that consisted of me reading “Is that blurry?” off Google translate repeatedly, my prescription turned out to be wrong. Now, I don’t know what he exactly he typed into Google translate, but I have to believe that Google got it wrong.

Should I sue? Suing Google would be easier than admitting Americans should learn other languages.


I left after the initial eye exam. The man who named me seemed uncomfortable by my presence. I know I have a powerful presence but this felt excessive. I guess lacking the language skills to communicate can do that.


Later, I returned. I spent another hour picking out adorable glasses. Remember, these glasses will be useless. This story has a truly disappointing end. I apologize.

They prepared my prescription lenses in 10 minutes. (This process takes 10 days in America. We have much to learn.) Also, I only spent 70,000 won. This converts to about $65. For prescription lenses! Those things that cost at least $150 in America, and that’s just for the glass inside the frames!

Now it’s been two days. I can’t see. And I’m trying to figure out if this was an elaborate scheme by the man who named me to ensure my return. On the brighter side, I got the digits.

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