Punching with Kids

Wednesday 7:30 p.m., Daegu, South Korea: the Muay Thai Gym

It was like fighting with a student. So my strategy of picturing someone of the same size was not useful this time.

The class started like any other, except for the unusual amount of children in the class. I assumed I was partnered with the kid because he was small and spoke English. Smart move by the teacher. The kid was much stronger than me, which I found very sad. Like really strong… I started to wonder if a kid could actually beat me up. Do my kids train? If I give them a bad grade, would I see the kick coming? Am I actually teaching a punch of ninjas?

But he could not make eye contact with me, like most of my male students. Poor kid. Poor me. I had to repeatedly hit a kid. Of course I wasn’t actually hitting him, just a pad he was holding. But still. I found it very hard to fight when feeling so extremely awkward. How do I go to work the next day?

But other than that it was a good class. I sweat. I cry. I fall in pain. Normal class.

I went to work the next day and gave candy to all of my students.

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