K-Pop: falling into the hole

Some things happen slowly, but just like falling in love and getting massive food poisoning, falling into the K-pop hole happens quickly and all at once.


I still remember where I was when it happened. I was at work. This girl was making us watch another video of this band called BTS. Like an idiot, I thought it was stupid at first, but then something happened. One member began to dance. And it was like a smaller, Korean version of my favorite dancer..but I was INTO IT.

I was as mesmerized as a deer in headlights, and my probability of being hit by a car definitely went up. (Especially since in Korea, everyone is a very unsafe driver.) Now I spend my days watching YouTube videos for hours in a language I don’t even know.

(I started this post 2 days ago, but couldn’t finish because I got distracted after their recent performance…I’m going to go watch it again.)

3 hours later


So, that’s my life now.

I now know the names, birthdays, favorite colors, and blood types (in Korea it’s popular to know your idol’s blood type for some reason) of seven people I could never have a conversation with.



A look into the 3 hour time lapse:

[Sitting at home wearing my duck pants (no autocorrect) and my Powerpuff Girls cape]

Alright, need to finish this blog. I need to watch this one video to get into it.

2:06 minutes later

Oooh, all those songs in one video. I’ll just play it to have on in the background.

9:03 minutes of starring at the video later

Their laughs are so cute! I should watch this one.

12:32 minutes later

Alright, that was good but I need to work on my blog…wait, this one is good. (Clicking on a video I have already seen before, like multiple times.)

16:56 minutes later

How are they so cute?! Oh, my favorite song came up on auto-play…well, might as well.

3:35 minutes later

Ugh, so good.

I think you get the picture. Yes, I’ve fully accepted that I’ve completely lost my mind, but that’s all part of falling into the hole.




P.S. J-Hope if you ever read this (if you have Rap Monster read this and translate) you are not small, you are amazing.

Also, Rap Monster you are amazing. And Jimin, Jin, Suga, Jungkookie, and V.


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