The Little Mermaid as an Adult

Why were the penises such a big problem?

How are mermaids born? Eggs or human-like?

Is Flounder a flounder?

Do they buy their shell tops from a store? Or do they find them? If so, what is the name of the store? Shelley’s shell tops?

Which part of mermaids do sharks like more, human or fish?

Why does Scuttle have eyebrows?

I want to see what it was like when Ursula was in power. I bet it was like underwear’s version of ancient Greece.

Sebastian’s lower lip is amazing.

Are they really speaking English? Or some fish language?

What are those fireworks for? They are just asking for a fire.

Where are Prince Eric’s parents?

Why does King Triton not have a belly button?

How is Ariel that bad at swimming?

Is this the only Disney movie that true love doesn’t break the spell? Good for the Little Mermaid!

That’s so much ink. It’s like the BP oil spill.

Do mermaids have to hold their breath when they are out of water? Or do they have lungs and gills?

Great dress!

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