The Elderly and the Parking Lot

The hike was vigorous and unexpected, but the view of Beoseong Green Tea Fields was mostly worth it. I wore the perfect outfit too. I made sure to not wear any green so I could stand out. What made it memorable was the picture. I got the greatest profile pic ever at the top!

After we all got ice cream and double fried corndogs, covered in french fries. America may be the home of Diabetes, but I’ve never seen that before, watch out U.S. cause South Korea is coming for your title. Then we ‘met’ Obama (See Instagram…ugh, he’s leaving us, WHY?!) and we boarded the bus for the three hour ride home, and that’s when I knew the mistake I had made. My friend Rachel always says, if you truly love something, allergies won’t matter. Well…she was wrong. Because, that night, lactose-intolerance mattered.

But that night was dead on arrival the second I learned my hiking boots were not made for walking.

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